About Us

Hey everyone! 👋🏼 I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support in my journey creating EmmyLou Boutique as well as a little background about how we came up with the idea to start this business.

I have always wanted to start my own business, and selling clothes seemed like an easy thing to do, right?! Wrong. 👎🏼 There is so much that goes into starting your own online company it’s crazy 😱.

▪️Building a website

▪️Finding the right theme you want to use

▪️Having enough inventory

▪️Where to buy your clothes from

▪️Thinking about whether the items are good quality

▪️Trying to determine what age group you are targeting

▪️Promoting on social media

▪️And the list just keeps going.

I told my husband, Kendall, we wouldn’t have the time or the money to make this happen and to just forget about it.

While Kendall was home for a week on leave, he did a lot more research and began building the website. Now all we needed was a name for the boutique. came up with the name EmmyLou Boutique, because, we are HUGE dog people 🐶 and at the time our little Emmy girl was the only thing in our 🌎. (We didn’t have kids yet 😂).

Kendall found a place where we could do a 14 day free trial building a website. So he thought, why not, let’s give it a shot. The more work he did the more I loved it! 😍 Not to mention, the more REAL it started feeling. Close to the end of our 14 day free trial he had built our website, got our business license, and started training me on how it would work. 😂 He’s smarter than me if you haven’t realized that by now. God love him. ♥️

Fast forward from 2018 & here we are. Still learning 100s of new things daily. We’ve had a few bumps in the road but have only learned from it. It’s so crazy how much you can learn in a day, and how many new ideas you come up with just by looking at social media and doing research. We are growing bigger and bigger each day & couldn’t do it without all of you. 🌼

Thank you again for helping to support our small business. My little family and I appreciate it more than you know! 

Any questions please email us at morgan@emmylouboutique.com! 💌

xoxo, EmmyLou Boutique 💋